Woah! Is this your FIRST 5k?

Hey Flavor Runners!

We have heard a lot of buzz lately about proper running etiquette for first time runners (walkers). We want to be the FIRST to say Congratulations for taking the hardest step and signing up! We know how much WE enjoy running and participating in races/runs and want to welcome you to your newest addiction!

We thought we could help address a few things that we notice are pretty important to know as general points for your first event if it is The Flavor Run or any other fun run you decide to start with.

Fellow runners, if you have anything to add, feel free to leave some tips in the comment section!

Packet Pickup:

If the packet pick up is the day prior please bring your ticket and a photo ID to the location.

If you are picking up for another runner, please bring any necessary waivers as well as a copy of their photo ID.

If you are using your phone to display your ticket, please make sure the brightness is turned up for best ease of use, and it would be ideal to not have a severely broken screen.  We recommend a paper ticket if your phone screen has what we like to call “the spider web app”

If Packet pick up is the day of the event:

It is wise to know WHERE the pick up tent will be located and plan accordingly to wait in line prior to the event. This means to either arrive early to the event or be willing to be patient in line. Each member of pick up is making sure to give you the best experience possible and are just as excited as you are to get you to that start line!


During the run/walk

Remember ours is a FUN RUN. It is not timed. If you are interested in knowing your course time, there are a lot of great resources that help track your progress. (Not a sponsor plug) I personally use map my run, and a lot of our friends use the Nike Running app. You could also invest in a GPS watch which has a timer function.

If you are running, it is advised to be towards the front or in the first wave, this will help assure the best time you can run. Also while running, please be sure to announce when passing other participants. Not all runners are seasoned and do not know to listen for runners behind them.

If you are walking (or a slower runner) please stay to the right of passing runners. As in road rues, the faster person will pass on the left.


Now, I know what you are thinking.. Its a family event and I brought my stroller.. what do I do?

I  don’t want to assume because you are a stroller runner that you will be slow, as this is not always the case. If you are fast with a stroller you should stick to the back portion of the first wave and stay to the right. If you are a slow stroller, the back of the second or last wave may be a better spot for you. As always, remember your stroller does take up more roadway than a standard runner and be cautious of those around you.

When you finish your run, grab a water and some fruit. Say hello to the vendors or stop by the Swag shop and then GET BACK TO THE FINISH LINE! How great would you feel if you were one of the last runners to finish and had a whole team of people cheering you on? Be a good community runner and if you plan to stick around, cheer on your fellow runners!


What are you waiting for? Get out there and get ready for your first or 500th run! We look forward to seeing you out on the Flavor Trail!

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The Flavor Run meets Pokemon

We know, you either love the new Pokémon Go game or you are utterly over hearing about it. We fall into the former category. Like many others, we see how people can be annoyed with the game. Having people wander aimlessly around towns chasing imaginary creatures can be annoying. It can also be dangerous. We like to think we use common sense in such aspects and hope you do too. Don’t poke-hunt while crossing the street, use good judgment in going into neighborhoods you don’t know, and tell someone where you are going at night. Better yet, grab a friend and go together.

We wanted to talk about a few of the things we enjoy about the new Pokémon game.

  1. We love that there are new faces out on our daily run trails! They may not be runners (yet) but seeing new people out enjoying the weather while we are getting our miles in makes us happy.
  2. New ideas as to where to run. It may seem silly that we have been running the same paths, but I am personally a creature of habit. I found a route I like and stick to it. But now, we see a rare pokemon down a street we wouldn’t usually run (but in a safe space) and go that way instead. Awesome way to explore the city!
  3. Really, we are learning cool new stuff about the city we run. The poke-stops and gyms have a little snapshot of information about the stop and this is a neat way to learn a bit about the monuments and murals I had been just running past!
  4. Seeing the community grow. It is very obvious these days that there is quite some tension around the country and seeing people out mingling with each other around town and even talking to one another. I think having a nice distraction would be a bonus. Sometimes its a great idea to just have something to do that isn’t being focused on all the bad in the world and see some fun!
  5. Encouraging myself to go out when I want to not run. Like you, there are days that we just don’t want to go out. Getting my running shoes on seems like a chore. Seeing that little icon saying there is a rare pokemon near by can be a quick encouragement to lace up and hit the streets!

Are there any poke-stops near you that encourage you to lace up and get out there? Are you enjoying the new game during your runs? Tell us about what you love or hate about it!

Happy July

Well hello there, Flavor Runner!

We hope you all enjoyed a fantastic Fourth of July Holiday, we sure had a BLAST. We have this super short break from the travel schedule that we are all using to gear up for the last leg of the Life is Delicious Tour. If you haven’t seen our schedule yet, we will still be stopping in Ohio, Florida, and Texas! There is still plenty of time to get signed up for those events to either participate or to volunteer with us! Don’t wait too long to get your tickets because the price will change closer to each run!

Something inspired us from talking to Brent last month for our Staff Feature. We want to hear what you listen to while you are out there running this summer. Do you have a classic song you always have on your playlist, or do you subscribe to the top 40 for your running jams? We will be checking in on your suggestions this month and maybe we will add your favorite jam to one of the flavor station playlists or at the finish party!

Feel free to comment here, or on our facebook page! We look forward to hearing from you this month! Help motivate other Flavor Runners out there with your favorite songs! Running is about community, to us! Join ours!LIZ_2314.jpgDSC_8983.jpg

Well Hello, BRENT!

Hey there Flavor Runners!

We are gearing up to make our first ever stop in Baltimore MD. and we are super excited to meet you all! Don’t forget as usual, packet pick up is on Friday (at Boston Street Running) from 1p-6p and you are still able to pick up packets on event day, although the line may be a bit longer on event day than it is prior. Either way, we look forward to seeing you there and at the Flavor Run Baltimore. We like to also make note that when you see  Carlie in the Flavor Swag Shop to say hello as she is native to Baltimore!

And without further ado- I’d like to do the first of what will hopefully be a staff series of MEET THE STAFFER. This week I’d like you to meet our good buddy Brent, but you may better know him as Brent the Flavor Fairy, or the Fairy Walker. We did a little get to know you Q&A and you are welcome to post any extra questions you may have for Brent in the comment section and we will be sure to follow up. You can also see his lovely selfie-skills each event from our Instagram account @flavorrun


Karla: Hey Brent, how long have you been a runner?

Brent: I started running seriously about 5 years ago. Before that, it was occasional at the gym or a few miles. Nothing too intense

Karla: How long have you been with the flavor run

Brent: I was a participant in the first Flavor Run in Tampa in 2013? I’ve been the emcee since Sarasota in July of 2015

Karla: Had you been an Emcee before The Flavor Run?

Brent: No. I’ve just always been a talker.

*he’s not joking!!*

Karla: What is the best part of being the Flavor Fairy

Brent: The wings!

Kidding (kind of)

I love being a part of an amazing and really fun group of people that creates a memorable experience for people.

And the tutu. I like the tutu


Karla: What do you do outside of the Flavor run?

Brent: I run! My full-time job is recruiting runners for the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Team Momentum. I participate in marathons and I love to travel, write, go to concerts, play piano, sing, watch Netflix, ride my bike, be with friends, and eat. Especially chips and salsa. I could eat my weight in those. And guacamole. And hummus. And Slurpees. And pizza. And Combos. Now I’m hungry and need to go have lunch.

Karla: You’re training for a marathon right?

Brent: Yes. It’s this Sunday in Burlington, VT. It’s called the Vermont City Marathon, and I’ve heard it’s AMAZING! Every time I mention to someone who knows about it that I’m running it, they get weirdly giddy for me. I’m ready for a break from the South Florida heat.

Karla: You have a tradition of having your Facebook friends pick your playlist. What are some of the best songs you have been able to discover this way?

Brent: Loving Me Wrong by the Stanton Warriors is a great pace song Reload gets me going Run the Show -Kat Deluna

I had my fifth graders students give me songs too

I was not happy with the Little Einstein Theme Song remix, but I smiled through it and thought of them

Karla: While we are traveling for the Flavor run, how do you stay motivated to still run in the mornings?

Brent: Because I have to! I travel so much for The Flavor Run and for work, that it isn’t an option to not run, especially when I’m training for a marathon. Those weekend miles don’t run themselves! Plus I really love running through different cities. It’s a great way to see new places, and The Flavor Run allows me to do that.

Karla: Anything else the Flavor Family should know?

Brent: That we love our Flavor Family, and we put a lot of hard work into every city we come to. We want you to have an incredible experience and come back to see us again!! And that we love chips and salsa.

Karla: so much salsa

Brent: Never enough salsa

Since our interview, Brent did complete his marathon. Although it was shut-down due to heat, which is the only time this has ever happened at this specific event, Brent was so close to the end (Two miles I believe) that he finished anyway. We are very proud of Brent and hope that you give him a high- five when you see him next. Or twinkies. Because why not.

There is also still time to join Brent and MDA’s Team momentum at the Chicago Marathon!  Feel free to comment for more information!

We have been BUSY!

Hey there Flavor Runners!

We hope you are having a good race season, as we definitely are racking up the events! We have been fortunate this year to be rain-free for each event to date and truly hope this holds out for us! We have a lot of events still on the schedule for this year and are excited to see your faces at them! If you have already participated this year we want to continue to express our gratitude. We can not exist if not for all of you. Because you come run, volunteer, or cheer, we are able to live our dream and put on an event we are proud of.

We have stopped through a lot of great cities this year, most recently we were in Chicago! While we are in town, we try to check out some of the phenomenal landmarks you all have to offer. In Chicago we saw the bean and had some obligatory Chicago style pizza. In Indianapolis, we checked out a war memorial and ran the stairs. Next we will be in Knoxville and then Baltimore. What do you recommend we do while we are there?

As you may know by now, we want the Flavor Blog to be about you. We need your help to do that! Please feel free to comment or email us with topics you would like to see in future blogs. Are there questions you have about running? Maybe about form, recovering from injury, staying safe in the heat, or even the best song to run to? There is nothing running related that is off topic! So please, email us your questions and suggestions to Karla@flavorrun.com


Still don’t see your city on the list? Did you know you could pre-register on Flavorrun.com This is how the Flavor Staff knows who is interested in the event and we can plan to visit! So do us a flavor, and stop over to Flavorrun.com and sign up today!

Give it a rest!

Hey Flavor Runners!

We are having a great time out on the Life is Delicious tour, and had a great time with our first race in Indianapolis, Indiana! We hope everyone was able to make it out. Our next stop is next weekend in Ft. Pierce Florida! We can’t wait to be back on the space-coast!

Have you ever gotten muscle soreness one or even two days after a workout? I’m sure you have. Its common to experience muscle soreness or even fatigue after a strenuous exercise and is called delayed onset muscle soreness. There are some things you can do to help make this pain easier, or to heal faster. Keep in mind, this soreness may be annoying, but is a sign that you are healing your muscles and they will become stronger!

A few things you can do to help heal quicker and get back to the gym or back to lacing up those running shoes are:

Work a muscle group every other day. Rotating your workout and muscle focus will allow your muscles time to heal and regenerate and make it less likely to over work them and cause an injury.

Eat a high protein snack after your workout. Proteins are the backbone of muscle mass and can be easily added to a diet without adding a ton of extra calories.

Allow time for a proper cool-down! Taking 10 minutes to jog, walk or stretch can help ensure your muscles cool down properly and help to avoid immediate muscle cramps.

Apply heat to localized areas. Now, if you did a full-body workout its just not practical to wrap yourself in a full coverage heating pad burrito, even if that does sound delightful. But, applying heat to sore legs or biceps can be beneficial to a quick recovery.

Cherry juice or pineapple juice. Not only are these delicious, they are both natural anti-inflammatory drinks. You’re probably thirsty after your work-out anyway, so why not help two issues with one beverage?

Epsom salt bath 60-90 minutes before bed will also help relax your muscles and will aid in a restful nights sleep. (crucial to any workout regimen is proper sleep)

Listen to your body. There is a huge difference between being sore and being hurt. If you are feeling pain during your work out, either back down on intensity or weights if you are doing a weighted workout. Don’t just “play through the pain” as this is the first way to be injured and keep you from getting back out there and accomplishing your goals.

And seriously… GIVE IT A REST! Allow yourself a rest day or two depending on your activity level. Its just not reasonable to start a new program and think you can immediately put in time at the gym or running trail seven days a week. Take a break and let your body recover. You don’t want to hinder progress by trying to do too much too fast. Your body needs time to recover, this truly allows muscles to heal and will actually make you stronger.

So, Flavor Runners, be safe out there and listen to your body when it tells you a rest day is needed. Please feel free to comment on what you would like to see next from the Flavor Blog. Follow us on social media @flavorrun we are on pintrest, instagram, facebook, twitter and are now trying out Snap chat! If you don’t see your city on the schedule yet remember to pre-register at http://www.flavorrun.com to let us know you want the Flavor Family to visit you! You may even be lucky enough to run with Bananalicious!







What’s Your Motivation?

Hello Flavor Runners!

Sorry I have been away from our blog lately! We have been so busy trying to build the best race we can for you this year! I’m looking for a little feedback from all of you this month on what you would like to see going forward with the Flavor Blog. Are you interested in seeing the behind-the-scenes action of the Flavor Run? Are you here looking for tips to being a better runner? We want to make the Flavor Run the best event it can be and that starts with you! Please comment what you would like future Flavor Blogs to be about, and as always remember to follow us @flavorrun on Instagram to see daily photos of past races, motivation and the Flavor Crew!

What’s Your Motivation?

What makes you lace up your running shoes when you could easily stay in bed a few minutes longer? I often have a hard time getting my day started any earlier than it has to, so I usually try to sneak in a run in the evening once the little one has gone to bed. Like many of you, I have many things that keep me busy through the day and sometimes a run just doesn’t seem like it will fit in. Getting out to run is sometimes a struggle but I never regret it once my shoes hit the pavement. So what is your drive? Are you training for a race coming up or simply setting personal goals? What motivates you to eat healthy when there is a sushi burrito calling your name? If you think you have advice that would be good for other Flavor Runners, comment and we can feature you as one of our first flavor famous Q&As! I’d love to make this blog more about the Grape community around us and need your help to do so!

See you soon, Flavor Runners! (Especially you all in Chattanooga TN. We are coming for you March 26th! Don’t put off signing up any longer!)


Family Fun. Delicious Run.

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