Ten Delicious Reasons that The Flavor Run  should be your first 5k event

1.) Pace Yourself: The Flavor Run™ provides an experience that is more than just a run or a fitness walk, it is about getting outside and doing something healthy with your friends and family. Walk it, stroll it, wheel it, or run it, our Flavor Team will provide you with all the support you need on race day.

Flavor Note: Warm up by stretching. Pace yourself, stay hydrated, and have fun.

2. EASY Pre – Flavor Race Day Check In: If this is your first 5k or your 10th 5k, preparing for race day is still a grand idea. One of the first things you need to do PRIOR to race day is visit the Flavor Check-In Party before race day. It is important to pick up your Flavor Run Swag because it will save you tons of time on the real race day.

Flavor Note: Flavor Check-In Party: Location/Date announced 1 week prior to race day. Yes, you can pick-up for friends. (just have them fill out a pick-up waiver)

3. Awesome Flavor Swag: Tons of it! An exclusive Flavor Shirt, Flavor Tattoo, Fruit Flavored Color Packet, Flavor Race Bib, and Flavor Medal! (See number 10)

Flavor Note: Packet Pickup & Race Day, we have an awesome Flavor Store just in case you want more ☺

4. Flavorteer Support: This is a HUGE factor for us on race day! Flavor Volunteers help us throw flavored color powder, provide you with plenty of H2O, and support participants

Flavor Note: Please thank your volunteers. They are there for you!

5. Supportive Family & Friends: Your whole family will want to come support you because it’s not too early and they will have something to do! “We don’t have to wake up at 5am! Okay! we will go with you” – Aunt Jenny

Flavor Note: Tell them to wear clothing they don’t mind getting Flavor Powder on 😉

6. Flavor Run™ for a Cause: All of The Flavor Runs give a portion of the proceeds to a local charity. In the past we have aligned ourselves with charities who focus on helping children and their families. We hope to continue this trend as The Flavor Run™ consists of mostly families.

Flavor Note: There is a reason our slogan is “Family Fun, Delicious Run”.

7. Flavor Powder Fun: This is not your typical “color run”, all Flavor Volunteers are instructed to cover you in the fruit flavored powder. (below your face lol) The powder is FDA approved, non-toxic, super safe, and super delicious. You get blueberried, strawberried, banana, graped, watermeloned, and oranged. And you will never know how much fun it is until it happens to you

Flavor Note: Bring a towel to put on your seats in the car.

8. Pre-Race Delicious Activities: Depending on the location, The Flavor Run plans on having a local Zumba/Fitness leader in the community get on stage to get us warmed up before the Start. It is extremely important to stretch those muscles and get the blood flowing before you begin your journey.

Flavor Note: Don’t rush. Take your time and enjoy the Flavor Zone area.

9. Post-Race Delicious Activities: What more could you ask for; fresh fruit, water at the flavor finish line, local vendors, children’s activities, live entertainment, and fun picture taking opportunities.

Flavor Note: SMILE! You just finished and are covered in delicious flavored powder!

10. Flavor Finisher Medal (The only “color run” with a medal!): Yes, this is an un-timed event, but we believe in the FLAVOR BLING. Finishing approx. 3.1 miles deserves a memento to remember your first or even you 100th race event so that is why our team has designed awesome Finisher Medals when you cross that finish line!

Flavor Note: You are awesome and deserve it!

So gear up, start your training, eat healthy, and know that the Flavor Team has designed an event keeping you, your family, and friends in mind. Thank you, and we will see you Flavor Race Day!


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