Rainny days have you blue?

Use the rain to train!

With all this rain in the bay its easy to skip a few runs now and then. What we should be doing is making the best out of this wet weather! There are a few things you can be doing in the gym to become a better runner, but if the treadmill isn’t quite your speed there are a bunch of other great ways to work on your strength, endurance and form so that when the sun finally decides to join us again you can be back out there putting rubber on the road!

This week we will address treadmill running:

I know that being inside can often be a drag, especially if you are used to running around the beautiful bay, but sometimes our only option is to run indoors. If you don’t have access to an indoor track now, consider finding one that suits your need, or hit up your nearest treadmill. Use this soggy time to work on your running form. Proper running form can keep you healthy and help prevent injury and could also be that little edge you have been looking for to shave a few seconds off your race time!

If you’re stuck inside this could also be a great time to catch up with some of your running friends that aren’t quite your speed. Grab two machines next to each other and catch up while still getting in your run! I find it nice to be able to run at my usual pace and still chat with some of my buddies who are often faster than me! Hopefully soon I’ll be on pace to see them out on the course at their speed, but there is never anything wrong with setting your own times.

One thing that helps me is covering up the machine controls. I am admittedly not a fan of the treadmill, but I have a goal to reach for myself every month and not enough day time hours to meet it. Because of this, I am often in my gym listening to the rhythmic pattern of the other cardio kings and queens. Its easy to compare my dial to the runner adjacent to me, but that often makes me try to push a little too hard, and that risks injury. Cover up those controls and run at your own speed! This also would help to avoid stressing over how fast you are going and give you time to just enjoy the run!

Remember to warm up and cool down when you run. Like all runs, the fundamentals are important. Skipping your warm up or cool down can also be a quick way to an injury. Also keeping in mind that there are not many three mile hills around town, don’t push yourself too hard. Running your whole distance at a high incline is also a safe bet to risk injury. Running intervals in the gym is a great way to get hills in without taking yourself out of the match.

Lastly, work on a great running playlist. As we know, the street of St. Petersburg is not the place to blast the most recent T.Swift single and its best to be aware of your outside surroundings, but since the rain may keep us indoors during these summer days, break out your headphones and get ready to shake it off!

Happy running!


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