Countdown to Family Fun!

Hey Flavor Runners!
The Flavor run Tampa is just a few short weeks away and I hope to see you all out there getting flavorfied! The Flavor run is a family friendly event and we love to see all the families running together. This week we are going to look at kids and running! Running in adolescence helps build strong bones and help with a strong cardiovascular system into adulthood, and its said that children should have at least 30 minutes for activity on three or four days a week, and what better way than training for a 5k fun run? It’s important to remember when training with your child that they require less structured training and do best with free form running. Also, it is important to emphasize doing your personal best, and improving your own time or mileage and not simply winning, which is why each of our registered flavor finishers get a sweet STRAWBERRY MEDAL! Being a good example out on the running track will help build the bond between you and your child as well as a good sense of accomplishment. Hopefully you are building a lasting running relationship with your children and we hope to see you on many family runs in the future!



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