Recovery is the Key to Running!

Hey Flavor runners! Hope everyone had a chance to make it out to our Tampa run! We had such a great time running with you all and DJ Jake De La Cruz really cranked up the after party! We are heading to Birmingham next and really hope to see all our Alabama flavor friends!

Recovering after a long run is an important part of your runner’s routine and will keep you happy and healthy so that you can run again! One of the things we are going to look at is how to recover after a long run. Whether it is training or racing, it is important to be in the best shape YOU can be. The first step to a quick recovery is hydration. Choosing a drink that has electrolytes is the best idea, but if you prefer water that is great too! The next step is to stretch out those major muscle groups that are prone to becoming sore, or a nice massage would be helpful! Eating after your run is also a great key to recovery. We enjoy a feast of fruit after our workouts, but a meal including protein and carbohydrates about an hour after your exercise is recommended. If marathon training, you may find an ice bath to be relaxing, but an Epson salt bath is also known to release the tension. We have found that 4 cups salt and 1 cup baking soda is a good ratio, then a nice 10-15 minute soak before bed leaves us refreshed and ready for the next workout! I would love to hear your tips for recovery or if you have any pictures from the recent race please tag us in them.

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