When It Rains..

Hey there Flavor Runners! Hope everyone was able to make it out to Atlanta recently! We had a great time with you all! If you have any pictures you would like to send us, we would love to have them. Please be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up with our flavor fun as well as seeing all the great photos of the time we had in your town!
Haven’t been to a Flavor Run yet? You are definitely missing a great time, so do us a flavor and sign up for the race for next year or send us a note saying you want the Flavor Run in your town!

We at the Flavor Run want everyone to be the best runner (or walker) you can be. Racing is not just about the finish time, but about the time you have on the course as well. If you are enjoying yourself and meeting your own personal goals, that’s what running is all about. How do you all prepare for an upcoming event? Is the Flavor Run your first 5k or did you add the Strawberry finisher medal to your already full collection of bling? Either way, we are glad to have you and want you to have the best time you can.
One of the many ways you can stay in your best running shape is to train. Conditions change from one race to another and sometimes the weather has other ideas for race day. Don’t be afraid to run in the rain as long as you have the right gear!
When planning for a rainy run, just remember to be flexible with your route. One of the worst things to happen is to not be able to finish your workout due to flooded trails or washed out areas. Personally, I hate wet feet so I would be super upset to be halfway through my run and end up ankle deep in a puddle because I wasn’t paying attention. If your area is soggy, have a backup route if possible.
Wear a hat or visor to help keep the rain off your face. A hat can help with your visibility and overall help maintain your mood while running by keeping the rain out of your eyes.
Having a nice running jacket or light weight shell jacket will help. If you want to invest into a running specific rain jacket that would be your best option, but don’t be shocked if you’re out on the course and see a few people wearing a make shift rain guard. There will likely be a runner or two in a trash bag. They work- just not very pretty. But whatever works, right?
This next one may be a no brainer, but wear darker colors. Especially for those running gals. White shirts are going to get wet, and then they are going to be see-through. Keep this in mind when choosing your shirts or running bras, unless you’re ok with that kind of thing.
Just like when you are driving in the rain, running in the rain makes you harder to see from oncoming traffic. Be sure to wear your running lights. This is important in inclement weather as well as winter months when many of our runs are at dusk or sunset. We want you to be safe out there, so wear your lights. Seriously. Wear them. Have fun with them- head lamps, lighted reflection vests, whatever you have to do to be seen.
Lastly, dry fit socks and anti-chafe balm are also good to have on hand. As I mentioned before, I hate wet feet and will gladly pay extra for moisture wicking socks to keep my toes dry. Its not a fail-safe option however, so have your anti-chafe balm handy and lube up those heels to help prevent blisters on your feet. We want you to finish the run with the ability to run again (because I’m sure you’re hooked like me.)
So, be safe out there, Flavor Runners! Have a trick that works for you? Like to see a topic covered in the coming months? Send me a message, I’d be happy to hear from you!






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