Give it a rest!

Hey Flavor Runners!

We are having a great time out on the Life is Delicious tour, and had a great time with our first race in Indianapolis, Indiana! We hope everyone was able to make it out. Our next stop is next weekend in Ft. Pierce Florida! We can’t wait to be back on the space-coast!

Have you ever gotten muscle soreness one or even two days after a workout? I’m sure you have. Its common to experience muscle soreness or even fatigue after a strenuous exercise and is called delayed onset muscle soreness. There are some things you can do to help make this pain easier, or to heal faster. Keep in mind, this soreness may be annoying, but is a sign that you are healing your muscles and they will become stronger!

A few things you can do to help heal quicker and get back to the gym or back to lacing up those running shoes are:

Work a muscle group every other day. Rotating your workout and muscle focus will allow your muscles time to heal and regenerate and make it less likely to over work them and cause an injury.

Eat a high protein snack after your workout. Proteins are the backbone of muscle mass and can be easily added to a diet without adding a ton of extra calories.

Allow time for a proper cool-down! Taking 10 minutes to jog, walk or stretch can help ensure your muscles cool down properly and help to avoid immediate muscle cramps.

Apply heat to localized areas. Now, if you did a full-body workout its just not practical to wrap yourself in a full coverage heating pad burrito, even if that does sound delightful. But, applying heat to sore legs or biceps can be beneficial to a quick recovery.

Cherry juice or pineapple juice. Not only are these delicious, they are both natural anti-inflammatory drinks. You’re probably thirsty after your work-out anyway, so why not help two issues with one beverage?

Epsom salt bath 60-90 minutes before bed will also help relax your muscles and will aid in a restful nights sleep. (crucial to any workout regimen is proper sleep)

Listen to your body. There is a huge difference between being sore and being hurt. If you are feeling pain during your work out, either back down on intensity or weights if you are doing a weighted workout. Don’t just “play through the pain” as this is the first way to be injured and keep you from getting back out there and accomplishing your goals.

And seriously… GIVE IT A REST! Allow yourself a rest day or two depending on your activity level. Its just not reasonable to start a new program and think you can immediately put in time at the gym or running trail seven days a week. Take a break and let your body recover. You don’t want to hinder progress by trying to do too much too fast. Your body needs time to recover, this truly allows muscles to heal and will actually make you stronger.

So, Flavor Runners, be safe out there and listen to your body when it tells you a rest day is needed. Please feel free to comment on what you would like to see next from the Flavor Blog. Follow us on social media @flavorrun we are on pintrest, instagram, facebook, twitter and are now trying out Snap chat! If you don’t see your city on the schedule yet remember to pre-register at to let us know you want the Flavor Family to visit you! You may even be lucky enough to run with Bananalicious!








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      Sorry for the delay in response. I hope you were able to locate the race photos you were looking for at We are so stoked to hear you had a great time and are looking forward to seeing you at the next event!


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