We need your input!

Hey there Flavor Runners!

We hope you are having a good race season, as we definitely are racking up the events! We have been fortunate this year to be rain-free for each event to date and truly hope this holds out for us! We have a lot of events still on the schedule for this year and are excited to see your faces at them! If you have already participated this year we want to continue to express our gratitude. We would not exist, if not for all of you. Because you come run, volunteer, or cheer, we are able to live our dream and put on an event that we are proud of.

We have stopped through a lot of great cities this year. Most recently we were in Chicago! While we are in town, we try to check out some of the phenomenal landmarks you all have to offer. In Chicago we saw the bean and had some obligatory Chicago style pizza. In Indianapolis, we checked out a war memorial and ran the stairs. Next we will be in Knoxville and then Baltimore. What do you recommend we do while we are there?

We want the Flavor Blog to be about you. We need your help to do that! Please feel free to comment or email us with topics you would like to see in future blogs. Are there questions you have about running? Maybe about form, recovering from injury, staying safe in the heat, or even the best song to run to? There is nothing running related that is off topic! So please email your questions and suggestions to amy@flavorrun.com.


Leave us a Flavorlicious Message :)

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