Happy July

Well hello there, Flavor Runner!

We hope you all enjoyed a fantastic Fourth of July Holiday, we sure had a BLAST. We have this super short break from the travel schedule that we are all using to gear up for the last leg of the Life is Delicious Tour. If you haven’t seen our schedule yet, we will still be stopping in Ohio, Florida, and Texas! There is still plenty of time to get signed up for those events to either participate or to volunteer with us! Don’t wait too long to get your tickets because the price will change closer to each run!

Something inspired us from talking to Brent last month for our Staff Feature. We want to hear what you listen to while you are out there running this summer. Do you have a classic song you always have on your playlist, or do you subscribe to the top 40 for your running jams? We will be checking in on your suggestions this month and maybe we will add your favorite jam to one of the flavor station playlists or at the finish party!

Feel free to comment here, or on our facebook page! We look forward to hearing from you this month! Help motivate other Flavor Runners out there with your favorite songs! Running is about community, to us! Join ours!LIZ_2314.jpgDSC_8983.jpg


5 thoughts on “Happy July”

    1. We do not have plans to come to LA yet.. but don’t worry.. We haven’t forgotten about you and will keep trying to make it out there!!! Than you for supporting The Flavor Run!!


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