The Flavor Run meets Pokemon

We know, you either love the new Pokémon Go game or you are utterly over hearing about it. We fall into the former category. Like many others, we see how people can be annoyed with the game. Having people wander aimlessly around towns chasing imaginary creatures can be annoying. It can also be dangerous. We like to think we use common sense in such aspects and hope you do too. Don’t poke-hunt while crossing the street, use good judgment in going into neighborhoods you don’t know, and tell someone where you are going at night. Better yet, grab a friend and go together.

We wanted to talk about a few of the things we enjoy about the new Pokémon game.

  1. We love that there are new faces out on our daily run trails! They may not be runners (yet) but seeing new people out enjoying the weather while we are getting our miles in makes us happy.
  2. New ideas as to where to run. It may seem silly that we have been running the same paths, but I am personally a creature of habit. I found a route I like and stick to it. But now, we see a rare pokemon down a street we wouldn’t usually run (but in a safe space) and go that way instead. Awesome way to explore the city!
  3. Really, we are learning cool new stuff about the city we run. The poke-stops and gyms have a little snapshot of information about the stop and this is a neat way to learn a bit about the monuments and murals I had been just running past!
  4. Seeing the community grow. It is very obvious these days that there is quite some tension around the country and seeing people out mingling with each other around town and even talking to one another. I think having a nice distraction would be a bonus. Sometimes its a great idea to just have something to do that isn’t being focused on all the bad in the world and see some fun!
  5. Encouraging myself to go out when I want to not run. Like you, there are days that we just don’t want to go out. Getting my running shoes on seems like a chore. Seeing that little icon saying there is a rare pokemon near by can be a quick encouragement to lace up and hit the streets!

Are there any poke-stops near you that encourage you to lace up and get out there? Are you enjoying the new game during your runs? Tell us about what you love or hate about it!


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