Whoa! Is this your FIRST 5k?

Hey Flavor Runners!

We have heard a lot of buzz lately about proper running etiquette for first time runners. We want to be the FIRST to say congratulations for taking the hardest step and signing up! We know how much WE enjoy running and participating in races/runs and want to welcome you to your newest addiction!

We thought we could help address a few things that are good to know as general points for your first event, whether it is The Flavor Run or any other fun run you decide to start with.

Fellow runners, if you have anything to add, feel free to leave some tips in the comment section!

Packet Pickup:

If packet pick up is the day before the run, please bring your ticket and a photo ID to the location.

If you are picking up for another runner, please bring any necessary waivers as well as a copy of their photo ID.

If Packet pick up is the day of the event:

Be sure to arrive to the venue early to pick up your packet before the run starts. There may be a long line, so remember to be patient and stay positive; each member of pick up is making sure to give you the best experience possible and are just as excited as you are to get you to that start line!


During the run/walk:

Remember that the Flavor Run is a FUN RUN. It is not timed. If you are interested in knowing your course time, there are a lot of great apps that can track your progress. You could also invest in a GPS watch with a timer function.

If you are running, it is advised to be towards the front or in the first wave, this will help assure the best time you can run. Also while running, please be sure to announce when passing other participants. Not all runners are seasoned and do not know to listen for runners behind them.

If you are walking (or a slower runner) please stay to the right of passing runners. As in road rules, the faster person should pass on the left.

Now, I know what you are thinking.. Its a family event and I brought my stroller.. what do I do?

If you are fast with a stroller you should stick to the back portion of the first wave and stay to the right. If you are a slow stroller, the back of the second or last wave may be a better spot for you. As always, remember your stroller does take up more roadway than a standard runner, so be aware of those around you.


After the run:

When you finish your run, grab a water and some fruit. Say hello to the vendors and stop by the Flavor Store, then GET BACK TO THE FINISH LINE and cheer on your fellow runners! Don’t forget that following each run there is also a dance party, watermelon eating contest, and bobbing for strawberries contest with awesome prizes!


What are you waiting for? Get out there and get ready for your first or 500th run! We look forward to seeing you out on the Flavor Trail!

HAPPY RUNNING!!!Photo Jul 25, 7 12 51 AM.jpg


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