Busy New Year?

How to Fit it all In?
Hello Flavor Runners! It is a new year and a new you, or at least that’s what you told yourself on January 1st. Now that we are almost a month into the New Year, some of us are starting to lose steam on that New Year’s resolution. This leaves us wondering, how do I fit it all in? Some days, if you’re like me, you are jam packed with one important task after another. Even if you get up early, it feels like everything take precedence and its bedtime before you know it. So when you are lying in bed regretting skipping a workout (again?) you may become discouraged. Here are some ideas on how to get back into the saddle and keep on track.
Is getting out of bed the problem? I get it it’s cold and your bed is warm. Even here in Flavor town (or Florida as you may know it better), we are still dragging our feet when it comes to getting out of the cozy covers.
Move your alarm to across the room. Having to get out of bed to turn off the alarm is the first step to getting moving!
Set out your morning workout clothes the night before. Being able to hop up and not search for your favorite running pants or workout shirt helps get the day started on the right foot as well!
Have easy access to a preworkout breakfast. Okay, this cannot just be me, but I need to eat first thing in the morning or I get crabby before my feet hit the pavement. Having an easy and nutritious breakfast ready when I wake up helps not only fuel my workout but keep me pleasant by time I meet my swole mate at the gym. I really enjoy an early morning banana or some tasty overnight oats.

If morning work outs aren’t for you, try to sneak in a lunch break workout! It doesn’t have to be a huge weights session to get your heart rate up! Check out our Pinterest account for some great office workouts! Body-weight only exercises can be done anywhere, and whose booty can’t use a few more squats?
Lastly, at the end of the day when you are unwinding in front of the television, use commercial breaks as work out breaks and do crunches or push-ups or whatever your favorite exercise is during this time. I like to also make a game out of the shows I watch frequently. One of my favorites is Big Bang Theory (I know, I know) so every time Sheldon mentions Howard only has a master’s degree, we have to do 10 mountain climbers, when anyone mentions Star wars we do 5 burpees and It goes on like this.
What are your favorite ways to keep moving throughout the day? What show would you like to work out to? If you submit your ideas in the comments, maybe I will execute your plan and share the results! Now is your chance to put a little pressure on me to keep moving, too!!
We will be in Orlando on February 13th and Melbourne Fl. February 27th and we look forward to seeing you there! Happy running!



When It Rains..

Hey there Flavor Runners! Hope everyone was able to make it out to Atlanta recently! We had a great time with you all! If you have any pictures you would like to send us, we would love to have them. Please be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up with our flavor fun as well as seeing all the great photos of the time we had in your town!
Haven’t been to a Flavor Run yet? You are definitely missing a great time, so do us a flavor and sign up for the race for next year or send us a note saying you want the Flavor Run in your town!

We at the Flavor Run want everyone to be the best runner (or walker) you can be. Racing is not just about the finish time, but about the time you have on the course as well. If you are enjoying yourself and meeting your own personal goals, that’s what running is all about. How do you all prepare for an upcoming event? Is the Flavor Run your first 5k or did you add the Strawberry finisher medal to your already full collection of bling? Either way, we are glad to have you and want you to have the best time you can.
One of the many ways you can stay in your best running shape is to train. Conditions change from one race to another and sometimes the weather has other ideas for race day. Don’t be afraid to run in the rain as long as you have the right gear!
When planning for a rainy run, just remember to be flexible with your route. One of the worst things to happen is to not be able to finish your workout due to flooded trails or washed out areas. Personally, I hate wet feet so I would be super upset to be halfway through my run and end up ankle deep in a puddle because I wasn’t paying attention. If your area is soggy, have a backup route if possible.
Wear a hat or visor to help keep the rain off your face. A hat can help with your visibility and overall help maintain your mood while running by keeping the rain out of your eyes.
Having a nice running jacket or light weight shell jacket will help. If you want to invest into a running specific rain jacket that would be your best option, but don’t be shocked if you’re out on the course and see a few people wearing a make shift rain guard. There will likely be a runner or two in a trash bag. They work- just not very pretty. But whatever works, right?
This next one may be a no brainer, but wear darker colors. Especially for those running gals. White shirts are going to get wet, and then they are going to be see-through. Keep this in mind when choosing your shirts or running bras, unless you’re ok with that kind of thing.
Just like when you are driving in the rain, running in the rain makes you harder to see from oncoming traffic. Be sure to wear your running lights. This is important in inclement weather as well as winter months when many of our runs are at dusk or sunset. We want you to be safe out there, so wear your lights. Seriously. Wear them. Have fun with them- head lamps, lighted reflection vests, whatever you have to do to be seen.
Lastly, dry fit socks and anti-chafe balm are also good to have on hand. As I mentioned before, I hate wet feet and will gladly pay extra for moisture wicking socks to keep my toes dry. Its not a fail-safe option however, so have your anti-chafe balm handy and lube up those heels to help prevent blisters on your feet. We want you to finish the run with the ability to run again (because I’m sure you’re hooked like me.)
So, be safe out there, Flavor Runners! Have a trick that works for you? Like to see a topic covered in the coming months? Send me a message, I’d be happy to hear from you!





Here We Come, ATLANTA

It is almost that time again, Flavor Runners! In just 9 days we will be bringing the party to Marietta- Atlanta! If you are in the area and want to come hang out with us there is still time to get a ticket! We have the best flavor party around and you will not want to miss the event all your friends will be talking about!
As you all already know, we at the Flavor Run are one big happy family and we love to see all the families out there on the course. We have already talked about how to get your young children into running shape, but how do you create family fun for that teenager that would rather not run, especially *gasp* with their parents!!! If you have not been to The Flavor Run before you may not know how much we love costumes! Get a family costume together or have your crafty teen help decorate team shirts for your group to show off. You might get spotted by our Flavor photographer and be featured on one of our accounts! There is plenty of room here on our blog for crafty costumes but also on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.
We really like to see all the lovely fairies out on the course but also love fruit inspired costumes. Come prepared and you could get our picture taken with Banana-Licious himself or his buddy Walter Melon or Suzy Strawberry!
There is a lot of fun to be had with dressing up, and hopefully it will inspire your teenager to join the party! Its Atlanta’s last chance to snag one of our strawberry finisher medals. Don’t miss out on a fruity good time!
Can’t join us on race day? We would still love for you to join in on the fun and get that big berry medal to add to your collection, so we are still offering the flavor 5k as a virtual run! You still get a great race day shirt to show off around town and of course that fantastic bling we all run for, as well as a flavor pack. Sign up today for the Virtual run and send us a picture of yourself and your friends running with flavor fashion!

Flavor Run

Recovery is the Key to Running!

Hey Flavor runners! Hope everyone had a chance to make it out to our Tampa run! We had such a great time running with you all and DJ Jake De La Cruz really cranked up the after party! We are heading to Birmingham next and really hope to see all our Alabama flavor friends!

Recovering after a long run is an important part of your runner’s routine and will keep you happy and healthy so that you can run again! One of the things we are going to look at is how to recover after a long run. Whether it is training or racing, it is important to be in the best shape YOU can be. The first step to a quick recovery is hydration. Choosing a drink that has electrolytes is the best idea, but if you prefer water that is great too! The next step is to stretch out those major muscle groups that are prone to becoming sore, or a nice massage would be helpful! Eating after your run is also a great key to recovery. We enjoy a feast of fruit after our workouts, but a meal including protein and carbohydrates about an hour after your exercise is recommended. If marathon training, you may find an ice bath to be relaxing, but an Epson salt bath is also known to release the tension. We have found that 4 cups salt and 1 cup baking soda is a good ratio, then a nice 10-15 minute soak before bed leaves us refreshed and ready for the next workout! I would love to hear your tips for recovery or if you have any pictures from the recent race please tag us in them.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram, as well as our facebook page for other flavor updates.

Don’t see your city on the agenda for next year? Let us know you want the flavor run in your town!

Countdown to Family Fun!

Hey Flavor Runners!
The Flavor run Tampa is just a few short weeks away and I hope to see you all out there getting flavorfied! The Flavor run is a family friendly event and we love to see all the families running together. This week we are going to look at kids and running! Running in adolescence helps build strong bones and help with a strong cardiovascular system into adulthood, and its said that children should have at least 30 minutes for activity on three or four days a week, and what better way than training for a 5k fun run? It’s important to remember when training with your child that they require less structured training and do best with free form running. Also, it is important to emphasize doing your personal best, and improving your own time or mileage and not simply winning, which is why each of our registered flavor finishers get a sweet STRAWBERRY MEDAL! Being a good example out on the running track will help build the bond between you and your child as well as a good sense of accomplishment. Hopefully you are building a lasting running relationship with your children and we hope to see you on many family runs in the future!


Rainny days have you blue?

Use the rain to train!

With all this rain in the bay its easy to skip a few runs now and then. What we should be doing is making the best out of this wet weather! There are a few things you can be doing in the gym to become a better runner, but if the treadmill isn’t quite your speed there are a bunch of other great ways to work on your strength, endurance and form so that when the sun finally decides to join us again you can be back out there putting rubber on the road!

This week we will address treadmill running:

I know that being inside can often be a drag, especially if you are used to running around the beautiful bay, but sometimes our only option is to run indoors. If you don’t have access to an indoor track now, consider finding one that suits your need, or hit up your nearest treadmill. Use this soggy time to work on your running form. Proper running form can keep you healthy and help prevent injury and could also be that little edge you have been looking for to shave a few seconds off your race time!

If you’re stuck inside this could also be a great time to catch up with some of your running friends that aren’t quite your speed. Grab two machines next to each other and catch up while still getting in your run! I find it nice to be able to run at my usual pace and still chat with some of my buddies who are often faster than me! Hopefully soon I’ll be on pace to see them out on the course at their speed, but there is never anything wrong with setting your own times.

One thing that helps me is covering up the machine controls. I am admittedly not a fan of the treadmill, but I have a goal to reach for myself every month and not enough day time hours to meet it. Because of this, I am often in my gym listening to the rhythmic pattern of the other cardio kings and queens. Its easy to compare my dial to the runner adjacent to me, but that often makes me try to push a little too hard, and that risks injury. Cover up those controls and run at your own speed! This also would help to avoid stressing over how fast you are going and give you time to just enjoy the run!

Remember to warm up and cool down when you run. Like all runs, the fundamentals are important. Skipping your warm up or cool down can also be a quick way to an injury. Also keeping in mind that there are not many three mile hills around town, don’t push yourself too hard. Running your whole distance at a high incline is also a safe bet to risk injury. Running intervals in the gym is a great way to get hills in without taking yourself out of the match.

Lastly, work on a great running playlist. As we know, the street of St. Petersburg is not the place to blast the most recent T.Swift single and its best to be aware of your outside surroundings, but since the rain may keep us indoors during these summer days, break out your headphones and get ready to shake it off!

Happy running!

Are You Ready, Tampa?

Stop: Flavor Time!


Hey Flavor runners it’s almost time to earn your fabulous flavor bling at the Tampa, FL Flavor Run! You’ve seen the photos everywhere and now it’s your turn to rock that strawberry finisher medal! September 12th is official race day in sunny Florida and we would like to see you out there! So get your costumes ready and meet us out there. We will have DJ Jake De la Cruz pumping out the jams and a sweet after party!

Florida is known for its oranges and sunshine, and for good reason! Oranges are the healthiest food in the world! There are only 62 calories in this ball of deliciousness. Tangy and sweet are just the start of Orange’s claim to fame. Coming in with 93% of your daily value of Vitamin C, 13% Fiber, 9% Vitamin B1, 7% potassium and 5% calcium, you cant go wrong with this delicious treat!


Vitamin C is great for Antioxidant protection and immune support. Move over, Apple! Oranges are keeping the doctor away! Vitamin C supplements are not enough, Orange juice helps protect against free radicals, which oxidize cholesterol causing plaque build up.

Oranges help protect against cardiovascular disease, are low in fat and nutrient rich. These help with a low glycemic index and protect against obesity that can lead to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke!

With 170 phytonutrients and 60 flavonoids oranges have an anti-inflammatory property and also help reduce your risk of tumors and inhibit blood clots. What great things this little fruit can do!



Mateljan, George. The World’s Healthiest foods. WHFoods.com

Family Fun. Delicious Run.

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