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Busy New Year?

How to Fit it all In?
Hello Flavor Runners! It is a new year and a new you, or at least that’s what you told yourself on January 1st. Now that we are almost a month into the New Year, some of us are starting to lose steam on that New Year’s resolution. This leaves us wondering, how do I fit it all in? Some days, if you’re like me, you are jam packed with one important task after another. Even if you get up early, it feels like everything take precedence and its bedtime before you know it. So when you are lying in bed regretting skipping a workout (again?) you may become discouraged. Here are some ideas on how to get back into the saddle and keep on track.
Is getting out of bed the problem? I get it it’s cold and your bed is warm. Even here in Flavor town (or Florida as you may know it better), we are still dragging our feet when it comes to getting out of the cozy covers.
Move your alarm to across the room. Having to get out of bed to turn off the alarm is the first step to getting moving!
Set out your morning workout clothes the night before. Being able to hop up and not search for your favorite running pants or workout shirt helps get the day started on the right foot as well!
Have easy access to a preworkout breakfast. Okay, this cannot just be me, but I need to eat first thing in the morning or I get crabby before my feet hit the pavement. Having an easy and nutritious breakfast ready when I wake up helps not only fuel my workout but keep me pleasant by time I meet my swole mate at the gym. I really enjoy an early morning banana or some tasty overnight oats.

If morning work outs aren’t for you, try to sneak in a lunch break workout! It doesn’t have to be a huge weights session to get your heart rate up! Check out our Pinterest account for some great office workouts! Body-weight only exercises can be done anywhere, and whose booty can’t use a few more squats?
Lastly, at the end of the day when you are unwinding in front of the television, use commercial breaks as work out breaks and do crunches or push-ups or whatever your favorite exercise is during this time. I like to also make a game out of the shows I watch frequently. One of my favorites is Big Bang Theory (I know, I know) so every time Sheldon mentions Howard only has a master’s degree, we have to do 10 mountain climbers, when anyone mentions Star wars we do 5 burpees and It goes on like this.
What are your favorite ways to keep moving throughout the day? What show would you like to work out to? If you submit your ideas in the comments, maybe I will execute your plan and share the results! Now is your chance to put a little pressure on me to keep moving, too!!
We will be in Orlando on February 13th and Melbourne Fl. February 27th and we look forward to seeing you there! Happy running!




The Watermelon: 92% Water + 8% Delicious Healthy Goodness

watermelonMost people think that watermelons contain only sugar and water…It’s true…well…sort of… Watermelons are made mostly of water, 92% water, actually.  But, that last 8% contains some super awesome and important nutrients that your body craves!

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Watermelons are part of the Cucurbitaceae family, which also includes cantaloupe and honeydew, as well as squash and pumpkins. While they taste extremely sweet, watermelons are relatively low in calories, contain no fat, and contain fiber, which assists digestive processes.

watermelon-slicesWatermelon has more lycopene, which is thought to decrease the risk of prostate cancer and heart disease, than any other fruit or vegetable, and is also a good source of vitamins A and C, which are both good for your skin. Watermelon contains choline, a nutrient that plays an important roll in a lot of bodily processes including sleep, memory, nerve impulses, and muscle movement.

The “water” in watermelon is full of electrolytes and makes for a great refreshing post workout snack! Not only is it delicious and hydrating, but it also contains the amino acid, L-citrulline, which is thought to reduce muscle soreness.


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One Banana, Two Banana, Three Banana, Four!

Did you know more bananas are eaten every year than apples and oranges combined? The Flavor Run LOVES bananas! So much so that we have our very own mascot, Bananalicious!



Bananas have no fat, sodium, or cholesterol. They are high in potassium, fiber, vitamin C, and B6, which support heart health, and have the amino acid, tryptophan, which is thought to be associated with good moods and memory.
Research suggests that eating just one banana a day may reduce the risk of developing asthma!

Bananas can be bought in grocery stores year-round and are versatile foods! Have you ever eaten a Vegan Banana Split? What about Banana Corn Cakes?


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Note: The information included above or on any other Flavor Run blog post is not intended to be used as medical advice or as a substitute for advice from a health care professional.




Strawberry Fields Forever!

There’s a reason so many songs have been written about strawberries…They are AWESOME! And better yet, it’s the Flavor Run’s Year of the Strawberry! Seriously, have you SEEN our Strawberry Finisher Medal?! P.S. Follow us on Instagram (@FlavorRun) and check out some of our great Strawberry Finisher Medal photos (#FlavorRun).


Strawberries have a low glycemic index (40) and are high in fiber, which means they help regular blood sugar levels and are good food option for diabetics. A recent study showed that eating strawberries daily can actually reduce the risk of kidney disease and neuropathy in diabetics. Additionally, strawberries are high in vitamin Cpotassium, folic acid and antioxidants. Like grapes, strawberries have the flavonoid and antioxidant, quercetin, along with kaempferol, which reduce the risk of blood clot formation that can cause strokes.

Research also suggests that eating strawberries decreases the level of homocysteine, an amino acid in the blood that is harmful to the inner lining of arteries and also decreases the production of certain “feel-good” hormones like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.


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Note: The information included above or on any other Flavor Run blog post is not intended to be used as medical advice or as a substitute for advice from a health care professional.





One of the primary missions of Flavor Run is to support local charities and connect with great local businesses. And we love it when these two goals are aligned. We are very excited to have on board as sponsors i Rock the Boots for our Phoenix event!

i Rock the Boots is a t-shirt company founded by female veterans, for female veterans. They provide quality apparel that embraces the strength, yet femininity of women who selflessly serve. i Rock the Boots donates a portion of their proceeds to organizations that provide assistance to female veterans; women who may be homeless, in transition, or women dealing with trauma.


As well as their awesome products, the website also includes; featured heroes, veteran resources, a great blog, and even to opportunity to submit your hero stories! Make sure you check out i Rock the Boots! irocktheboots.com

i Rock the Boots has also helped us put together a giveaway – 3 flavorlicious people will win a ticket to the event!

Click the link below, and do one of the following; post the link to this blog on your Facebook page, or go to @flavorrun on Instagram find the photo from this blog and repost!


Winners will be announced February 23.

Flavor Run and i Rock the Boots look forward to seeing you all on Saturday, February 28th, at Estrella Lakeside, Goodyear. If you are not one of our lucky winners, you can use the i Rock the Boots discount code below for 30% off!



Family Fun! Delicious Run!

New Flavor Run Contest!

It’s true. We wish we could give every single person in the world a ticket to come to the Flavor Run.

That makes it a little difficult for us to help out our AMAZING CHARITY PARTNERS – so we are doing the next best thing:

For the month of December, we are giving away free tickets EVERY WEEK to our awesome Flavor Runners to attend Flavor Run events in ORLANDO, JACKSONVILLE, FT PIERCE, AND TAMPA BAY!

To be eligible, you just need to log in to Facebook and do the following: 


So please! Help us out by inviting all of your friends & family to the Flavor Run closest to you -AND- be entered to win!

And don’t forget – Any delicious runner that purchases a GIFT TICKET for any 2015 Flavor Run event will be entered to win a ticket for themselves!

(If you have already, we will enter you too!)


Go to: http://www.FlavorRun.com

Give the gift of FLAVOR!

The Flavor Run is taking over Phoenix, AZ!

Yes. You heard correctly. The Flavor Run is coming to Phoenix, AZ on February 28th, 2015!

We know what you’re thinking. We’re pretty excited too.


The Flavor Run began with the drive to create an affordable, quality fun, and family-friendly event. Our first Flavor Run was held at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, FL in August of 2013, and in 2014, we expanded to Jacksonville, Orlando, and Sarasota. We are super excited because 2015 is going to be the most awesome year yet!

The Flavor Run Phoenix is going to be held at at the beautiful Estrella Lakeside and will benefit Playworks, a nonprofit organization that supports learning and physical heath by providing safe and inclusive play to low-income students in urban schools.  The Flavor Run Team is excited to be working with Mission Driven Events (producers of Salute our Troops) on this event and we can’t wait to see you in February!

To registerflavorrunphoenix.eventbrite.com